About me

I’m currently achieving my final year of PhD with CIFRE program. Since 2015, I’m affiliated to LPSM (Sorbonne Université, Paris), Institut Denis Poisson (Université de Tours) and STMicroelectronics (Tours).

I spent several years working in industry, at EDF R&D (2014) and STMicroelectronics (2015 – 2019) for example.

  • Current aspirations: 

I am looking for a position in research and development.

I am interested in the complex issues related to industrial research (see below my research interests). Nevertheless, given the current environmental context, my concern about climate change and my will to act in order to improve the diffusion of information on this subject, I am now looking for work related to climate issues.  Typically, modelling meteorological phenomena and quantification of climate changes by using statistical tools.

About my thesis

Thesis directors  

Industrial supervisor

Research interests and various skills

  • Failure probability estimation
  • Rare events simulation
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Gaussian processes – Random processes for modelisation
  • Design of computer experiments – Computer simulation
  • Stochastic orders – Estimation of measures of risk
  • Machine learning
  • Bayesian estimation – MCMC methods